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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  April 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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maryland. 50,000 flyers from gay rights groups are going out at montgomery county high schools this week. the move is in response to a controversial leaflet handed out in february many considered anti-gay. the whole thing is the county re-- has the county reevaluating its flyer policy. >> the policy that allows nonprofits to hand out flyers in schools has been on the books for nearly eight years, but its days could be numbered. students in all 25 montgomery county high schools will be getting flyers this week from the group parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays also known as pflag. >> our message is if you're gay, you're all right and that groups that are telling you or your friends that oh, you could just change if you wanted to are not telling you the truth. >> reporter: the flyer distribution is to counter the message from the group pfox which stands for parents and
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friends of ex-gays and gays. pfox delivered thousands of flyers to students at seven montgomery county high schools in february. >> we're trying to present the reality that people who experience same sex attraction do not have to be locked into a gay identity for their entire high of. >> reporter: the response to the pfox flyers was swift. some parents complained it was anti-gay and the superintendent joshua starr called them deplorable. what was your reaction? >> well, i wondered if he had actually read it. >> reporter: but some parents don't think schools are the place for that type of discussion. >> it is the responsibility of the parents towards their own children, not towards other children. >> reporter: you don't think those flyers belong in schools? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: this parent with two high school daughters says the flyers provide a teaching moment. >> i'm fine with it because it just opens the door for discussion about the issue. >> reporter: but after numerous complaints from students and parents montgomery
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county school officials say they will review the policy allowing any nonprofit to send home flyers to students at certain times of the year. in a statement to fox 5 news the spokesman wrote the board of education's policy committee is considering changes to this policy which will be brought before the whole board on april 30th. the changes will be posted for public comment before any final decision is made." that's a move this parent supports. >> and there's certain things that should be left to the parents. >> now once again that flyer policy goes from the entire board on april 30th. tonight d.c. police want to talk with this man. investigators say he's a person of interest in a sexual assault that occurred in southeast last night on 21st street. the woman was physically and sexually assaulted. now to the trayvon martin shooting, george zimmerman made his first court appearance in
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sanford, florida, today. zimmerman barely spoke in a hearing in which he was ordered held without bond charged with second degree murder in the february death of trayvon. >> i felt it was the appropriate charge. as ms. corey stated yesterday, we are seekers of the truth and justice. we looked at all evidence and applied the law and felt that was the appropriate case. >> he's facing second degree murder charges now. he's frightened. that would frighten any one of us. >> zimmerman is being held in protective custody because of the notoriety of the case. he will be arraigned may 29th. former senator presidential, vice presidential candidate now fighting to remain free. jury selection underway in the trial of former senator john edwards. he's accused of using campaign funds to cover up his affair and love child, could get 30 years if convicted. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: arriving at a
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federal courthouse in greens row, north carolina, thursday john edwards was -- in greensboro, north carolina, thursday john edwards was silent. >> but i did not break the law and i ever never thought i was breaking the law. >> reporter: edwards is charged with abusing more than $900,000 in presidential campaign donations, both from his late campaign finance director fred barron and philanthropist rachel bunny mellon of northern virginia. prosecutors say edwards used the money to cover up his affair with photographer riyal hunter and the child he fathered with her. some legal experts say edwards' lawyers will argue the money he used was personal gifts from edwards' friends. >> the individuals had to know right then it would have to be a personal gift because it couldn't be anything else. >> reporter: washington d.c.
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defense attorney keith waters knows edwards and says he suspects the scandalous details of edwards' personal life are fielding the prosecution of charges which don't always go to trial. >> having a porno tape with your mistress, having a baby out of wedlock, having a wife at homesick with cancer, that kind of paints him as someone with a despicable personality. that could be reason for the motivation. >> reporter: edwards faces six counts including conspiracy, receiving illegal campaign cricks and making false statements. back in february edwards' former mistress and former campaign aide agreed to settle a civil lawsuit in which andrew young said he would destroy a sexually explicit videotape of hunter and john edwards. edwards' wife, elizabeth, passed away in december after a lengthy and public battle with breast cancer. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. economic problems proved too much for former presidential hopeful rick
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santorum. he admitted today he dropped out of the race because he ran out of cash. santorum spoke on the family research council's radio show. a democratic strategist comments about ann romney's decision to be a stay at home mom prompting heated debate about women. fox's jennifer davis has details on that controversy and other issues on the campaign trail. >> we need to respect choices that women make. >> reporter: ann romney defends her choice to be a stay at home mom after democratic strategist hillary rosen said yesterday romney couldn't relate to most women's economic challenges because she has actually never worked a day in her life. >> she should have come to my house when those five boys were causing so much trouble. it wasn't so easy. >> reporter: rosen later apologized, but campaign watchers say the uproar over her comments has certainly highlighted the general election battle for women voters who according to most polls favor president obama. >> hillary rosen has i think
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helped elevate ann romney, one of the best weapons, if you will, in the romney arsenal. >> reporter: the white house when asked about the issue pivoted to highlight the president's support of women. >> why did it take president obama entering office being sworn into office to have the act become law? because republicans overwhelming -- the fair pay act become law? because republicans overwhelmingly opposed it. >> reporter: in a fundraiser it's written we know now who our opponent is. >> it is time to stop dividing america. it's time to stop denigrating success. >> reporter: newt gingrich hasn't ended his own presidential campaign but is talking about a possible romney administration. he says he would support romney over uld not accept a cabinet position because he would rather focus on his family.
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in washington jennifer davis, fox news. a developing international story, reports tonight that north korea fired a long range missile sort of. laura evans everywhere at 11:00. >> south korea is reporting the communist north launched the rocket defying international warnings, but u.s. officials say the launch may have filed. north korea claims the rocket was an observation satellite to celebrate sunday's centennial of the birth of kim ill sung, the country's late founder. >> several people who live in the virginia apartment complex hit by the navy jet were allowed back into their apartments to collect their belongings. dozens of others couldn't go in because their homes were so badly damaged. the f-18 hit the mayfair mews friday after tackoff from the oceana. james click was officially
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charged with attacking two women looking at an apartment. today in court he was charged with two counts of abduction and malicious wounding and is now held without bond. up next how you can find out exactly what you're sharing on facebook. >> plus the stars are out at d.c. tonight, live at the howard theater for tonight's grand reopening. >> and check out the rundown. we're back. >> this is fox 5 news at 11:00. 
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dionne warwick, berry gordy, smokey robinson, just some of the stars on hand tonight for the reopening of the historic howard theater in northwest d.c. fox 5's karen gray houston it ain'ted tonight's gala. it's been -- attended tonight's guy law. it's been many years in the making get -- gala. it's been many years in the making to get this thing going. >> reporter: many years. these folks here are lined up to get into the after party, so it's going to be a big day. the gala was a throwback to a by-gone era when people like duke ellington and ole ha fitzgerald and marvin gaye perform -- and ella fitzgerald and marvin gaye performed here.
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30 years the curtain was down and now after a $29 million renovation the howard theater is back. there was a dizzying long list of performers, singers, comedians, kind of like in the old days. they appeared on a stage that's been dark for three decades, but with a $20 million boost from city taxpayers the curtain is back up. duke ellington's son and daughter were here tonight, dick gregory, martha reeves. the district's politicians got in on the action. a good time was had by all. ♪jimmy mack, when are you coming back ♪ to the howard. yes. >> it was phenomenal to walk in here today and go oh, my god, i remember 10 years old i played this theater and now it's back again and it's very exciting. >> reporter: can i ask you one more question? do you reallien the way to head
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to san hoe -- really know the way to head to san jose? >> finally found it. >> reporter: can you say a little prayer for me? >> always. >> reporter: can you sing for us? >> no. >> reporter: blue note entertainment has a 20 year lease to operate the howard theater. they're bringing in some very big names. comedian wanda sykes is here on friday. they're bringing in the root, chuck barry, so a lot of big naps coming. this is a supper club -- names coming. this is a supper club kind of venue and on sundays if you like to eat they're going to have a weekly gospel brunch. >> i love me some gospel brunches. thanks. over to shawn yancy now for your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, grab your powerball tickets because someone in the d.c. area is a winner. no. 5, a $1 million winning ticket was sold at may fair liquor on georgia avenue. the winner matched all five numbers but not the powerball. last night's winning numbers are 16, 23, 42, 44, 47 and the
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powerball is 2. no. 4, facebook is responding to privacy concerns allowing users to download their info. the tool allows users to keep copies of what they share with friends. the feature is slowly being made available to all users. no. 3, you can remember the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic this weekend. the southwest d.c. heritage organization is holding a special memorial service saturday night. you can see some of the activities. the event is open to the public from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at fourth and p streets southwest. no. 3, soon you'll be able to hop on a d.c. streetcar. ddot released this video similation. the cars should be running in about a year. five cars are manned for the h street northeast corridor line -- planned for the h street northeast corridor line. no. 1, keep your eyes in the sky next tuesday, nasa is flying the space shuttle discovery on the back of a modified 747 from
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kennedy space center to dulles international. the plane will pass over d.c. landmarks between 10:00 and 11:00 tuesday morning. >> well, i'm going to go out on a limb and say this will be the last week you'll need your heated mattress pad or your electric blanket. >> you have a heated mattress pad? >> they are the best. it blows away electric blankets. >> if nothing else tonight, we know. >> it's the best invention on the planet. i swear by it. it does the job. everything you touch is warm, heated mattress pad. >> that's good. you probably are right there. i don't expect to see any real cold temperatures coming after this weekend. we could get one or two, but probably not widespread. there's the cathedral out there this evening. temperatures are dropping in some places.
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i want to talk quickly about the weekend. it does lack like we're in for a nice warm -- look like we're in for a nice warming trend, really good sunday. saturday is a little bit 70s, but sunday we're talking 80s. here's the big difference. jet stream is moving up to the north. we get under what we call these ridges of high pressure. we get that aloft and some of that sneaks down to the surface and so a high pressure area will come off the coast and we'll get the return flow around that. it will start bringing up warmer air from the south. what does that mean? saturday we're talking temperatures of 73 here in town, lower to mid-70s in the area and on sunday 10 degrees warmer, 83 here in town and it looks like easily we could be up to the middle 80s for some of our southwestern neighborhoods. not the case today. high temperature reagan was 63, dulles 61, bwi marshall 62. all of those are a little below normal. temperature now 54 degrees and holding, relative humidity 35% and the winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour.
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temperatures right now kind of all over the place. it depends where you are. here in town i just showed you 54. that's the reagan national temperature. look at fredericksburg, cold, 42 degrees, cull pep are 309, a little warm -- culpeper 309, a little warmer on the ridge top -- 39, a little warmer on the ridge tops there, 43 winchester. there are clouds filling in overnight. a little disturbance is sneaking through. what that means for us with the clouds, that will keep the temperatures a little warmer and if the winds kick up in response to that little disturbance it, may keep these numbers instead of the lower 30s and below freezing back out to the west where we have the freeze warning, it could be warmer than that. here in our closed in neighborhoods a frost advisory is in place. we could wake up to frost in places, but i don't think it's going to be widespread. manassas 36, dulles 35, about as cold as we can get there, 43 tonight here in town, mostly fair with a few clouds moving
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on across. tomorrow a few clouds, warmer, temperature 66 for a high which will be warmer than today, a cool start tomorrow morning and again we jump up with sunshine up into the middle 60s, five- day forecast looking nice, all you need to see, we warm up for the weekend. i don't want to take any of dave feldman's time, being goings on in d.c., sports today with the nats and the caps. time for dave. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with dave feldman. >> i appreciate that, thank you. just how important is the first game in the nhl playoffs? since 2006 the team that wins game one goes on to win the series 66% of the time. tonight's opener in boston a bigger challenge since the caps were starting the post season on the road for the first time in five seasons. playoffs means big hits. david krejci, dennis wideman, how you doing? that was a penalty. 2nd period alex ovechkin and
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dennis seidenberg. dennis got sort of redistributed. braydon holden making his nhl debut in the playoffs. early in o.t. marcus johansson shot turn ad side. the go ahead to chris kelly -- turned aside. the go ahead to chris kelly and that's a problem. his slapper for the game winner one minute 18 seconds into the extra period. the caps fall to the bruins 1-0 in overtime. the rangers top seed hosting the iowa senators, 2nd period new york leads 1 -0. marian gaborik along in front beats craig anderson. rangers up 1-0. brian boyle with the loose puck and he beats anderson. rangers defeat the senators 4-2 to take game one. don't go anywhere. when we return, why gio gonzalez had an opening day to remember and smile even if the record books might not show it.
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welcome back. do you know all the hype about how good the nats might be this year, how their pitching is as good as anybody's and the offense has real potential? we're only seven games into this season, but the rye views have been pretty, pretty pretty good so far. reds in town opening day, top five were scoreless. brian leftwich rips one to the left, not on ryan zimmerman's
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watch. bottom of the 5th no, score, adam laroche, bases loaded, two outs, ian desmond scores followed by danny espinoza, nats in front 2 -0. top of 9th brad lidge looking to close it out. brian hod wig past ryan zimmerman, called it -- ludwig past ryan zimmerman, called it a hit not an error. lefty gio gonzalez had it rolling. pitched seven scoreless innings and allow only two hits. once again brad lidge offered it up. the two runs come in and they tie it all up. bottom of the 10th 2-2. nats with two on, two out, alfredo simone with a wild pitch, ryan zimmerman from third with a game winning run and the nats defeat the reds 3-2 in 10. gio got a no decision, but he got some high praise. >> i'm super excited about what happened today and definitely our team was very excited, too. they're all pulling for it.
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nobody wants to fail here and everybody wants to continue to do good for the team. so to see that it just puts big smiles on everybody's faces. >> gio is gio. totally in command, made it look easy out there. he had more in him, just an outstanding effort and unfortunately we didn't save it for him. >> what about gio gonzalez, a guy you know well from high school. you got the better of him in high school. he got the better of most of the reds today. >> absolutely. he pitched great. he had all his pitches working and he was around the zone and working quick. he also got a knock, too. >> reporter: his first ever. >> first ever, yeah. a swing like that shows there will be many more to come. >> reporter: gio gonzalez saved the ball from his first pitch. michael morse is shut down for six weeks with a back injury. yesterday closer drew storen underwent successful surgery on his right elbow, his return
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expected around the all-star break. i'm dave feldman. that's sports. brian is back with more of the edge after the break. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. it'd be so easy to check facebook, send emails. and the screen is easier to read in sunlight ! the universe is practically telling me to get a smartphone. it's like, "lisa, it'd be super cool if you got a smartphone. also, i like your outfit." thanks universe, let's get me a lucid. come in and say hello to your new, easy to use smartphone. the lucid by lg for only $79.99. verizon.
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for staying up late with us. see you back here tomorrow. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.


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